The bad ain’t over, yet

Ragey again this week. Started taking Lorazepam before bed. Waking up with Lorazepam hangover. Falling asleep behind the wheel both to AND from work. Stopped at a light today on the way home and fell asleep – car honked at me to wake me up.

Severe indigestion Monday and Tuesday – could be dietary failure point or could be hormones. But I’ve not had indigestion since last year when I took gluten out of my diet.

My eyes are messed up – this is a possible side effect from the Yasmin – “Change in corneal curvature (steepening)”. I have NO idea what that means. All I know is, as of the end of last week, my eyes are VERY sensitive to light and to the computer monitor. AND my eyes are now unable to focus when I wear my glasses – like suddenly the prism in my glasses is CAUSING my eyes to cross, rather than correct my lazy eye. I have gone back to wearing my old glasses – we’ll see how that goes, tomorrow.

I have minor yeast infection. Another side effect of the Yasmin.

And today I had a severe mental breakdown when I got home from work. My eyes are swollen from all the crying. I thought this part was over after last week. *sigh*

I may take tomorrow off work to figure my shit out.

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