TMI post-op stuff

For my memory and for others with Endometriosis who may find this journal:

Today is Day 32 post-laparoscopic surgery, in which Stage III Endometriosis was found.

At Day 32, the following is true for me:

  • Sex resumed at Day 24 but bright red bleeding occurred afterwards and lasted a half a day. Sex again on Day 31 resulted in the same. It’s not enugh to fill a pad.
  • The glue plugs are STILL in the incisions (well, one of the three fell out the other day), and the belly button is the most tender and keeps getting inflamed due to clothing and skin rubbing on it throughout the day (skin if I slouch while sitting). Wearing a bandage, carefully placed, seems to help.
  • The left ovary (the problematic ovary for me) still gives jarring pinches of pain on occasion (roughly every other day throughout the day), enough to make me gasp.

At Day 14 on Yasmin birth control pills (bcp) for Ovarian Suppression – that is to say – using bcp as a way to try to prevent the Endo from growing back, the following is true for me:

  • Breakthough Bleeding is present on a daily basis – it’s very light.
  • Breasts are VERY sore for up to three days after even light sexual play.
  • Highly energetic – my legs are constantly bouncing and I come home from a desk job nearly every night to work out (for me this means dancing til I sweat buckets).
  • My face seems blotchier than usual – a noted side effect in the Yasmin instruction packet.
  • I get bursts of aggression bordering on rage that can be difficult to control if I’m not careful. This is reason #1 why I stopped taking bcp the first time, back in 1991. I’ll see how Yasmin continues to treat me and try something else if I have to.
  • I am happy to report that libido is NOT negatively affected by the Yasmin.
  • Acne was a problem in the first week of taking Yasmin but was easily remedied by swabbing my face and back with Witch Hazel twice a day.

Also re-noted for posterity – the first period after my surgery did NOT show any signs of relief – it was as bad (felt a bit worse actually) than my periods before surgery, and I was home sick from work as a result.

Now that I’ve been on Yasmin for 2 weeks, I anxiously await the next menstrual cycle to see if it tries to show up. I’ve been instructed to take Yasmin uninterrupted for a year because my periods are so bad.

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