New george F.A.Q.

I created a new version of the george F.A.Q. today. You can also click on the “george” link at the top right of my journal to reach that page.

I spent all day yesterday on Tylenol 3 with a heating pad, just like old times. The pain was bad and then non-existant and now it’s bad again this morning and I’m about to take more Tylenol 3.

This is really depressing, but I must note that I’m no longer suicidal.

The Yasmin is still in my bloodstream, as is evidenced by my still-bouncing legs, but I don’t feel the rage anymore. I don’t feel like sobbing uncontrollably anymore. And as I said, I don’t feel like killing myself anymore.

I had a horrible nightmare that I was fired from my job and that I got so verbally violent about it that they decided to also withhold paying me my last paycheck.
Of course, that won’t happen in reality, but it was still a shitty nightmare to have, and reminds me that I still need to get the hell out of that place.

And now, I’m off to drug myself and start looking for a new job.

One Response to “New george F.A.Q.”

  1. Patricia

    I absolutely hated Yasmin. It made me super depressed and irritable. Thankfully Ovcon 35 works for me without the icky emotional inbalance. Are you going to try a different BC?