Weekend mania

Friday night after having a nice dinner, I was still filled with all kinds of energy. I thought I might be awake all night. This is a side effect of the Yasmin for me.
Other side effects that I’ve noticed, which are ‘known side effects‘, are:

  • Changes in appetite (I get hungry but don’t want to eat anything)
  • Changes in libido (initially for the better, but it tapered off)
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nervousness (that’s putting it mildly)
  • Breast Pain
  • Depression
  • Yeast Infection
  • Edema
  • Breakthrough bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms

The main thing that I don’t see listed is the hyperactivity/mania. Perhaps that’s lumped in with ‘nervousness’, I dunno.
In any case, the last time I had to endure constant bouncing legs, having to get up and pace, and gritting my teeth was when I was on anti-depressant pills back in 2000-2002 or whenever I did recreational drugs.

This is where the Lorazepam comes in handy, but I only use it Sunday night through Friday mornings. I usually don’t need any anti-anxiety meds from Friday evening through Sunday morning because I’m on my own time away from work, and can constructively deal with the mania. So here’s what I did Friday and Saturday with it:

On Friday night, I bleached down the bathroom walls and ceiling.

On Saturday, I:

  • Took my car to get new tires first thing in the morning (the tire place is a block away)
  • Walked to the bank to cash my paycheck (1 mile round trip)
  • Picked up my car and drove to my eye doctor for final contact lens followup (thankfully she’s noticed no ill side effects from the Yasmin on my eyes. So even though I feel like my eyes hurt more often, there’s no damage occurring from use of Yasmin)
  • Vacuumed the entire house, including baseboards and the couch
  • Moved all my photo album/scrapbooking stuff from a five-shelf bookshelf to storage until I can work on that crap again, and set decorative stuff on the shelves instead
  • Rearranged the entire storage unit so everything is more easily accessible
  • Cleaned off a three-shelf bookshelf in the bedroom and added different stuff to it
  • Went grocery shopping
  • Drove to two stores looking for a taller yet thin bookshelf for the bedroom – and failed to find what I wanted
  • Emptied garbage and cleaned catbox
  • Swept out the storage unit and the area by our front door
  • Dusted the computer room
  • Hefted a monitor back up onto the linux desktop machine (I was running it headless for awhile)
  • Showered, dressed, and hosted a gathering that lasted til after 1am

As a result, this morning I feel like a Mac truck ran over me. So I’m being lazy for as long as I possibly can before I must get dishes and laundry done. Sadly, the muscle pain from all of yesterday’s work means I probably won’t enjoy my new roller skates today. So I plan to keep them in my trunk with some casual clothing so I can go right from work to the decommissioned navy base on the island this week. :)

And this is what Yasmin does to me, energy-wise. Aren’t you exhausted just from reading that list? I know I am. Lordy.

One Response to “Weekend mania”

  1. Patricia

    The reaction you had to Yasmin so does not surprise me. It was horrible for me aswell with increased crying and whaling. I didn’t get the manic parts but that is probably because I just have major depression. Although Xanax made me feel very manic.

    It sucks to need BC pills but eventually I found something that worked for me on my 3rd type of BC.