Catchup and pre-george

Catching up from last week again…

Thursday I stayed home instead of going to Pissup Night at the Tiki bar because no one was around. So I had two drinks on my own. Mind you, I’m supposed to be on the wagon again since declaring this after June 10th…

Friday two of my friends flew in from Seattle and came to visit the now famous Tiki bar on our island. We drank and drank. And they asked if I’d be joining them in San Francisco for a party on Saturday. I declined, citing traffic would be nasty all weekend due to the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, which my friends like to call Disneyland for Gays. Not just any Pride Parade, but THEE Pride Parade.

It’s huge, kind of like New York’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

My friends, undaunted by my fear of being caught in traffic, offered to take me home with them right then and there. How could I refuse? So I abandoned my poor man, got into the car, and was whisked away to San Francisco to stay the night in a condo full of gay boys.

We spent most of Saturday lazing about the house, and finally went out around noon for brunch and a walk around the Castro neighborhood – Ground Zero for all that is gay and prideful.
The party at the condo got started at 4pm and was still going when I left, happily buzzed on hours of booze, around 11:30pm.
The evening was not without my share of feeling VERY socially awkward and anxious. Drinking as always helped ease that immensely.


On Sunday, I got up, had breakfast and showered, and headed to….the back yard….
where a going-away party happened for our upstairs neighbors. We sat in the hot sun drinking Sangria and eating munchies. We decided it’s high time we ask our landlady for an umbrella for our table in the back yard, as we sat holding regular rain umbrellas to shade ourselves from the sun! Too funny.


So basically, from Thursday through Sunday, I drank booze.

Yesterday, the first big pre-george symptoms hit me. He’s due on Friday. The pain was dull in my uterus and radiated down to my knees. I was utterly exhausted from the moment I woke up for work until the time I went to bed again at the end of the day. I didn’t feel like eating healthy food or much food at all. When I did eat, I had to force myself to eat a piece of chicken and a waffle. When it came time for dinner, I had Cheetos and cheese dip. My legs felt swollen down to my ankles and hurt to the touch, probably because of all the sodium I’ve been consuming.

Today, the dull pain continues, and radiates to my friggin ankles. Today I started feeling like george had arrived, so I had to keep checking myself. I didn’t feel like eating a big breakfast, so I had a flax shake. This is my latest favourite thing in the morning:

6oz of 100% apple juice
6oz of water
2 bananas
4tbsp of flax seeds
Mix in a blender, pour into a pint glass. 2 servings.

Normally, I can consume 1-2 servings for my breakfast in the morning and be totally sated until lunchtime.

Today, however, I had a major hypoglycemic crash an hour before my lunch break. This of course left me exhausted again. Today also started the hot and cold flashes. Every half hour I was either putting my sweater on or taking it off. The hot flashes were so intense that my face felt like I was having a niacin flush.
I ate lunch, which again consisted of a piece of chicken and a waffle. I then experienced a second hypoglycemic crash within an hour and a half. This was preceded by a sudden bout of dizziness which left me holding onto my desk for dear life and wondering if I was going to pass out. Add to this hell a nice steady pain from my right elbow to my wrist because joint pain just HAD to factor in with me using a mouse all day at work (I’m right-handed).

So today when I got home from work, I slipped into my pajamas right away. I’m in official downtime. I have no idea if george will be here tonight, tomorrow, or Thursday, but I know he’ll be here before his scheduled Friday visit.

George once again ruins plans for me. I wish I could go back and prove how many times george has ruined plans for me. I’ve only been keeping an iCal for about a year, now. Hmmm, let’s see…

  • Housewarming party, July 19, 2006. George shows up.
  • Pat Benetar in concert, my friend’s birthday party, my birthday weekend, and Alameda House tour. Weekend of September 15, 2006. George shows up.
  • A friend’s birthday party, October 14, 2006. George is there.
  • A friend’s going away party, January 27, 2007. George had gone AND CAME BACK to kill me.
  • Two weeks post-op for surgery diagnosing me with Endo – February 20, 2007. I’m told I should experience relief from george. He shows up and kills me just to spite me.
  • On April 4, 2007, I got off the hormone treatment because it made me suicidal. Guess who showed up the next day and resumed the death squad like normal?
  • The True Colors tour is this Friday. Guess who is due that day? I’m already ready to cry over that.

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