June george update

I went to work yesterday. George decided to take a back seat so I took advantage of it. Problem is, the company has been causing me so much mental duress, and george had been SO mean to me on Monday – I gushed non-stop all day, that two things happened by Tuesday morning:

  1. My neck and shoulders seized up from worry over whether I’d be fired for not showing up on Monday, because my boss had written to me on Monday to remind me that I am now “borrowing from the company’s time” because I’ve used up all my PTO days.
  2. My lower back seized up from all the hemorrhaging done on Monday.

This didn’t stop me from getting ready for work on Tuesday, though. With george taking a break from beating on me, all I had to contend with was the sore back.

However, when I went to get into my car to drive to work, the neck/shoulder pain worsened. By the time I got to work, I could barely move my neck up or down, much less side to side. By mid-morning, it hurt to take a deep breath to yawn, and I thought a sneeze would kill me. I popped 600mg Ibuprofen throughout the day and considered taking Tylenol 3 on the job, but didn’t. I made it through the work day, came home, refilled my muscle relaxer prescription, took two, and passed out with a heating pad.

After over six months without my back going out, the back has now gone out twice on me in the past 20 days. The first time was because I was lifting weights again. The second time I’m convinced is due to job stress.
I woke up at 3am to take a third muscle relaxer, and this morning I have much more mobility back.

However, this was george’s cue to return. So now here I sit, just minutes before I’m to leave for work, wondering if I should go in or if the cramps will get any worse. I am fully aware that if I take even a half a day off work today, I could be fired.
Yesterday I called my surgeon and my primary care doctor and asked for doctors notes for the days I’ve been off work due to george since my surgery. The primary doctor is happy to oblige. The surgeon for some reason wants to discuss it today before writing me the note. WTF.

More later.

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