more updatey on back and george (somewhat graphic)

So it appears that george had given me five days worth of bleeding and cramping all in one day back on Monday, because he’s barely been around on Tuesday and Wednesday. I don’t trust the bastard – I won’t believe he’s gone for another month until this week is OVER.
Monday sucked. I couldn’t even sit up straight without having to change a pad.

Then on Tuesday morning, my back went out. I medicated like hell with muscle relaxers Tuesday night. George returned with light flow and cramps on Wednesday on top of the (now diminished) back pain, so I popped an Ibuprofen 600. I got through work yesterday, but not without my back seizing up again, so I took more muscle relaxers (soma) last night and went to bed again with a heating pad.

Still not 100% this morning, but george appears to be in hiding.

On the workplace front, there’s yet MORE restriction handed down from management to further drill morale through the foundation of the building. Now they’re telling us we could be fired if we take our appointed breaks too early or arrive back too late from them, so to ensure we go on time and return on time, we have to wait to be tagged by the person on break before us, and return in time to tag the next person on break. We get three strikes for violating this new rule, then a firing.

My latest mantra is one that has been told to me before: “Don’t give them a reason”.

I’ve been trying to be good. Trying is so very difficult.

George is due again this month, just like a blue moon – he’s due to arrive by June 30th. So I could be fired for taking time off due to my medical condition by the end of this month. Stay tuned! I now have a note from my primary care doctor related to my illness AND a LETTER from my surgeon – both on the way to me in the mail, which I will hand to the HR department at work.
We’ll see how well that goes over.

As long as I have documentation, things swing a bit in my favour.

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