george is here

George showed up on the way home from work, after I spent most of the day at a much warmer core body temperature than normal.
The pain started around 7:30pm after I got home. Dull at first, it began to ramp up, so I took a 600mg Ibuprofen.

During my visit to my health counselor tonight, my lower back began to cramp up as it tried to protect the pelvic region in pain, which led to my mid back cramping up.

She fed me some chamomile tea and so the pain never got any worse. We made some spinach/fennel/onions to eat. Man, I’ve had so much spinach in the past week, I’m surprised I haven’t turned green, yet.

I’m even more tired from the Ibuprofen, and of course, once again, it’s time for bed, so I’ll end my entry here…we’ll see what the pain level is like in the morning and whether I can make it in to work tomorrow.

One Response to “george is here”

  1. Patricia

    Wow chamomile tea is such a wonderful drink to treat what ails us. I’m glad to hear that the nutritionist is helping you. MMm spinach good source of Iron. I love my spinach.

    Although I crave it a lot less now that I’ve taken care of that whole blood loss thing.