George nears

Yesterday I had pain on my left side in the region of my ovary. Sharp, stabbing intermittent pain. For the last few days I’ve also had some asshole pain – same thing – sharp stabbing. This is how george was before the surgery. I suspect the ass pain is due to all the ice cream I’ve been eating again, so I’m stopping that – I bought soy ice cream to satisfy the cravings instead.

Today I started getting the sugar crashing – despite having eaten a full breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese and a GF waffle and a glass of soy milk, I sugar crashed two hours later. Normally I’m good til my lunch break on a meal like that.

Today after work I started getting uterine pain to the point that when I got home, I checked to see if george had arrived.

And of course I’m feeling really run down and out of energy, and bloated. Normal PMS stuff as far as that goes.

I just want to make it through the weekend without george – there’s two parties to go to!

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