Off again today

For the last few months, I’ve been only missing one day of work rather than two when george is here. I normally need two days off because of the heavy bleeding and pain. But I’d become afraid of losing my job, so I’d panic and go in to work and be miserable in pain, and I’d be groggy all day.

But then the new assistant head honcho came in and gave everyone five additional PTO days and wiped out slate as to how many warnings we’d already accrued.
So this month, on top of having a new lease as it were, I’m also sick to death of being afraid of these assholes, and of being afraid of losing my job.
I’m sick. I’m not feeling well. I’m bleeding like a stuck pig, and by that I mean I’m filling a pad in less than an hour at a time. I’m in pain. Screw you, I’m not getting on your goddamned call center phones and taking calls under pressure when I’m this ill. I’d done this for years on other jobs and I’d stopped doing it once I realised the other call center jobs were ok with me missing work only twice a month. But this job, this job has a problem with it. It’s not my fault they have a problem with it. This is their problem, and I’m not going to pander to their problems.

So my boss wrote back to me yesterday, thanking me for letting her know I’d be out sick. Then she wrote, “This will be considered your first occurance.”

When the new assistant head honcho gave us the new PTO policy, he’d mentioned that if one becomes ill and misses more than one day with the same illness, then THAT is counted as one occurrence, so long as you have a doctor’s note to back it up.
So that next Friday in the one-on-one meeting with my boss, I brought that up to her, and she said, “oh yes, unless you’re down to your last PTO days, then when you run out, you can still be terminated.”


Eh, this means I have used up 2.5 PTO days already under the new policy. The half a day was because I went to a doctor appointment in the middle of the day last week. I have 2.5 PTO days left before I’m fired. I now have to figure out if I want to go ahead and use two more next month when I fall ill with george again, or use only one and go in sick again, then do the same thing in September. If I do that, then I can make the home stretch – I will be at this company for exactly one year before quitting or being fired.

We’ll see what happens!

Yesterday, I created a list of things I wanted to do on my day off, but complained that since I was in such pain, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish said list.
I fell in and out of deep sleep til 4pm because of the medication. Then I started to go through the stack of newspapers I’ve accumulated over the years for scrapbook purposes – made a tiny dent in that. I did also do some more research and development of the endometriosis reference site I created. I also did the dishes and cleaned the catbox. That wiped me out for the day, and I was in bed again by 10:30pm.

Because my lower back hurts so much to sit in a chair, I’m going to go back to bed again with the laptop, and probably work on the endo site some more today. Maybe also do some genealogy work.

I’ll see what’s possible.

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