Staying home

George began to flow moderately by 4am. Got up at 5:47am for work, felt fine. Got into the shower, felt fine.

Got out of the shower and started to feel woozy.

Got my clothes on, went to the kitchen to make breakfast, and the cramps started.

Knowing full well the cramps would only get worse, I decided right then and there to stay home from work today.

And, I was right.
I sat there at my home desk doing the whole “maybe I should just continue to be stubborn and go in to work, anyway”… “no, don’t do it, you’ll regret it”…. “but am I caving to fear by staying home? I should just continue getting ready”… “Wait For It….” dialogue for a half an hour. Then I stood up and GUSH…. and then PAIN.

So yeah.. screw it. Not going in today.

Will be popping the first Tylenol3 as soon as food settles in my tummy.

2 Responses to “Staying home”

  1. Patricia

    Your flow is so heavy I really do wonder if you have fibroids. It could account for the woozyness, you know that whole blood loss thing can be bad for you. Do you get really pale during the George time?

  2. zept

    I really don’t think I have fibroids, after having read up on it.
    My cycles very rarely last longer than seven days. Most of the time, they are five days, with just a lot of bleeding. And I don’t have the fullness and distension in the uterus that’s associated with having fibroids.

    Honestly I think it’s Hypothyroidism. Been reading up on that

    The last time I was tested for thyroid issues was in 2001 and the results came back normal.
    But that was through a simple bloodtest. I think I’ll recruit an endocrinologist to be sure this time. We’ll see what Dr. M has to say when I see her next month.