Symptoms log

I used to keep a spreadsheet of all my monthly endo symptoms so that one day I could lay out years’ worth of data in front of a new surgeon to convince said surgeon that I really wasn’t making this shit up.

Turns out when the second time around came, all I needed to do was give a verbal history and the surgeon took me at face value.

So…I’ve been journaling here and there when I remember, but I’d like to get back in the habit of really chronicling the endo’s cycle, because it changes with my diet, with my environmental stressors, with my attitude in life – and I need to keep a constant eye on what makes george behave.

7/18/07 – left side pinching ovarian cramps while at work. It came and went for about an hour. Then that evening, I was freezing even though the house was warm and my man needed the blankets off and a fan in the window because it had been hot that day.

7/19/07 – blood sugar crashes start. Still freezing.

7/21/07 – massive junk food cravings

7/22/07 – had cheetos for dinner….

7/23/07 – minor uterine pain, increasing and decreasing throughout the day, so much so that I needed an Ibuprofen 600mg pill. Frequent checking because I kept feeling like george had arrived. Sugar crashing still happening after full breakfast. Today I even had second breakfast because they served up eggs and bacon at work for some reason, and I also had a protein bar and I STILL crashed.
Crashed again after lunch but admittedly I drank half a Juice Squeeze drink (70% fruit juice and who knows what else, carbonated)

And …hate to end abruptly, but, I need to go to bed.

2 Responses to “Symptoms log”

  1. Patricia

    So what are the sugar crashes? symptons?

  2. Steph

    I get a sudden feeling of nausea and headache. My vision feels fuzzy and my mental state is disoriented and I’m unable to concentrate. I get the shakes and then I get SUPER sleepy and/or hungry.

    Once a crash has begun, there’s no way to escape the fact that I’ll be cranky and very sleepy – the fatigue depends on how long I let the crash progress before being able to address it.
    The longer I wait to get protein into my belly, the longer I’ll need to recover.
    For example, if time from onset of crash to stopping it through eating high protein is 40 minutes, I’ll pretty much be done in for the rest of the day.