The long day

Today I bled through a pad an hour all day. If that’s not TMI enough, I had to make the pads last because I ran myself out of fabric pads – I’m on the last one right now while the others are hanging up to dry.

Today I also went to the doctor to get an excuse note to present to the Human Resources (HR) department at work tomorrow so they can add it to their retarded file.

This month marks the first time in five months – since my surgery – that the clots came back like the bad old days. So everything is back to what it was before surgery. I’m not happy. I’d been hoping for some relief – even temporary relief. But no.
No break for me. It’s not like I’m an anomaly – this has happened to countless unfortunate women. But we’re told going in that the surgery is diagnostic and we’re told they HOPE it helps us by the lasering off that they do.

I’ve spent the last two days in bed with the laptop and heating pad, drugged to the gills, and let me tell you, it makes for a very long day to be stuck in bed. I had all this energy in my mind but my body was worn out – sore – aching – tired. I’d be in the middle of working on my endometriosis informational site and I’d fall over to nap for 45 minutes.

My man got home from work and the evening FLEW by. Of course. Of course! No time – just dinner and zo0m he’s off to the gym and I have to go to bed.

It’s 10:30pm now and still no sign of george letting up, although the pain has dissipated. Tomorrow is going to suck because I HAVE to go in to work. Taking a third day off is not an option. I feel like this is the worst period I’ve had since surgery. How short my memory is – I’d have to go back through my own journal to find out if this is true or not.

Yeah so that’s all I did today was work on my site. I want to purchase a domain and launch the site and market it and everything. It’s still not done. I don’t want this to be another unfinished project. I have to finish this, then start finishing my other projects.

But now, as usual, it’s time for bed.

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