TMI…through and through.

Went to work today. George acted up two hours after I got in, at 10am. I stood up from my desk to go use the bathroom, and filled a pad, just like that. It was dry, I swear, then completely filled, just by standing up. This is what george does to me every month for the last 21 years.

Last month, or was it two months ago already? I had my entire period in one day. I felt like I was in a horror flick, there was so much blood.

Articles on ‘normal’ menstruation indicate women lose about two shot-glasses worth of blood each menstrual cycle. I lose about a glass. DON’T TEMPT ME, I MAY PROVE THIS NEXT TIME AROUND.

The clots this month are much bigger than I remember them to be. Does this mean the endo has returned with a vengeance? I have no idea.

I popped an ibuprofen600 and winced throughout the day, but I did it. I took my usual astounding number of calls and then when the management ordered everyone to stop doing emails between each call and ONLY do emails on a half hour break, I did 11 tech support emails in 29 minutes, causing my boss for some reason to declare that it is impossible.
The director of support came up to me at the end of the day and teased me about doing impossible things, which means he’s proud of me for breaking records yet again, and wished me a good weekend.
Also found out today that I have 3 PTO days left, not 2.5 days. Hopefully I can make this last til October 1st, when I get 4 more PTO days. I will do my best. It’s, to quote the godaweful U.S. attorney general’s career comments, “a sprint to the finish line”.

For dinner I ate horribly tonight. I had a blueberry scone, some dark minty chocolate, some popcorn, and topped it off with crème brulée and 2oz of a cognac called Navan.

Now it’s bedtime, and not because it has to be, but because my body tells me so.

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