Too early for menopause!

I just had what can only be described as a hot flash.

It started when I got out of a nice hot shower, which is my daily staple. I laid down on the bed to cool off but noticed I wasn’t cooling off. I had to get to the store though because we’d run out of breakfast food, so I got some clothes on and, still too hot, I went outside to put my combat boots on.

Now, it’s only 66F (18C) outside, so it’s nice, breezy and mild. But I was still feeling hot.

I drove rather than walk to the store, got the food, got back home within half an hour. Just walking half a block to the house was all it took for the final scorcher to ignite within my body.

I got in the door, set my 2 grocery bags down, scrambled out of my boots and socks and into shorts. While doing this, my man looked at me, confused. But he didn’t help me. I brought the bags into the kitchen. I noted to him twice in a whiney voice, “I’m overheating”, but still, he went about the kitchen, not unpacking the bags.

I came back into the kitchen and started unpacking the bags, when he said, “Do you want help? I don’t want you to overheat…”

At which point I snapped at him, “I’m already overheated, I’ve told you twice already!!” and went into the living room and laid sprawled on the wood floor for several minutes, wondering if i would combust. I felt the heat radiating out of my arms. I wondered if I were leaving marks in the wood floor, I was so hot.

I’m now sitting at my desk next to an open window, finally cooling off after fifteen minutes.

WTF was that all about. Early menopause setting in?

George is still here, so it’s likely just a george issue. But still, that was the most intense I’ve had.

…just talked to my man. He says I’m always SO intent on fighting my own battles that I’ve gotten pissed at him in the past when he’s tried to help, so now he just waits for me to literally say, “I need help” before he jumps in. So … that’s what I’ll have to remember for the future.

2 Responses to “Too early for menopause!”

  1. elsewhere

    Hmmm…a friend of mine started going through menopause in her late twenties. But maybe it’s something to do with all the treatment you’ve been having (even the drugs).

    Coming your way soonish (in two weeks). Glad to see it’s only 18 C in SF; it’s been very balmy in Washington.

  2. Steph

    In her TWENTIES? Dear lord no, that poor woman!

    Also, hooray for coming to visit!
    Although, it’s during the week and I’ll still be at the shitty job at that point, so I won’t be able to hang out during the day.
    I get home by 7pm, so we can go to dinner and/or Tiki one night, go to the club or a concert another night if you like, and walk around or drive around wherever you like yet another night….let me know if any of that sounds good, or if you have any other evening plans in mind!