What I do on my paid days off

What I hate most about being home sick with george is that I have SO much stuff I need to or want to accomplish on my day off, but I can’t get but one or two things done.

Today I want to clean the bathroom, do the dishes, launder the blankets, clean the catbox, develop the endometriosis reference site I’m working on, catch up on the genealogy assignment I gave myself, work on astrology charts for friends, dust the house, practice along with a yoga DVD my neighbor loaned me, go through the stack of newspapers I’ve accumulated over the years for scrapbook purposes, and put together more photo albums.

But I’ll most likely remain reclined here in bed, staring at the laptop monitor while repeatedly dozing off, between popping pain meds, staggering to the bathroom, and reheating the rice pad heating pad thingy all day.

And this is what sucks most about having a paid day or two off work each month.

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