Knowing thyself well, or self-fulfilling prophecy?

Remember back on August 19th, I mentioned that I’d had gallstones back in 1993?

Well, I saw my health counselor on August 21st, and we discussed a gallbladder cleanse after I explained my history and risks to her. She researched a cleanse and on August 30th, she sent me instructions for both a cleanse and a flush of the gallbladder.

I got paid on August 31st and planned to go to the grocery store today to get the items on the cleanse/flush list.

Well, this morning around 5am, I awoke to searing pain on the right side, underneath my rib cage. I had no idea what it was – was I developing breast cancer? The pain felt so deep. Was it torn muscles, and how would that have happened?
Hours earlier, around midnight, I laid on my back on the bed, legs hanging off the side of the bed at the knees, slowly stretching my back, because for the past couple of days, my shoulders and upper back have been hurting me again.

I contemplated waking my man and going to the hospital, but I didn’t want to go unless I was SURE it wasn’t a pulled muscle.

I finally got back to sleep and woke up around 9am, again in pain.

I got up and started scouring the web for information on what breast cancer feels like. I ruled out my breast cancer fear right away.

I then put down my fears for a bit and stopped searching online for clues as to the pain. The pain was intermittent all day. It’d be gone, then be mild, then it would be really bad for minutes on end, where I’d gasp, which made the pain worse, because it hurts to breathe, even with teeny tiny breaths. It was around noon when I really started to worry that I could be developing pancreatitis again. However, the pain is in a different place. With pancreatitis, the pain was centered above my solar plexus. This pain is on the right side.

It wasn’t until about 7pm that I started to panic from the pain. I was supposed to go meet my friends at their house to just hang out, but I called and told them I wasn’t feeling well.
I looked up images of human anatomy online to figure out what organs live under the rib cage, and that’s when everything came full circle – the organs on the right side are the liver and the gallbladder.

So now I know it – it’s official. I’m having a gallstone attack. Lovely.

I frantically researched the web for what foods to avoid for gallstone disease, and of course I know eggs are at the top of the list and of course I haven’t stopped eating eggs since I last spoke to my health counselor. I eat eggs nearly every morning for breakfast because that’s the best source of protein I found that tided me over til lunch and didn’t have me sugar crashing.
Alas, eggs are now fired for good.

At the top of the list for gallstone treatment on U.S. medical websites – LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY.

Oh hell no, I’m not doing THAT again. That’s thousands of dollars I don’t have, fully insured or not.

I finally found some advice from around the web and culled together an emergency diet for tonight: horseradish, camomile tea, apples, and plenty of water.

I’ll continue to eat apples throughout the day tomorrow, and then drink the nasty gallbladder flush, which consists of 2/3 cup of olive oil and 1/3 cup of lemon juice. I was hoping my health counselor could find a much less repulsive recipe but that seems to be the best one out there.

In related news, I was talking with my man yesterday about the last time I drank alcohol. We think it was on or just before August 18th. It was on August 21st that I pledged to my health counselor that I would abstain from alcohol for three months AND do a gallbladder purge to see if that helped relieve my menstrual pain a bit. So it’s been roughly 14 days without drinking booze. Go me! And I STILL got sick!

The gallstone issue was already in the works. All of this is happening for a reason – I knew it was coming intuitively, that’s why I’ve taken these steps towards the cleanse. I should have stopped eating the goddamned eggs sooner.

On a humourous note, I’ve been joking about buying Alcoholics Anonymous chips from eBay to mark each month of sobriety. I’m doing this all on my own without the help of such support groups, but thought it would be funny to piggyback on their award system.
I’m just twisted that way.

Time to ingest some more chamomile tea … and horseradish. I’ve had two apples this evening. I’m feeling a bit light headed because I haven’t eaten dinner. For most of this week, I really didn’t want dinner, even though I was hungry. Another sign I think of my body telling me it isn’t well.

One Response to “Knowing thyself well, or self-fulfilling prophecy?”

  1. Duckei

    I feel for you. Gallstone attacks suck!
    You don’t have to avoid eggs, so much. Just make them an occasional thing.
    Keep your daily fat intake below 60g and you’ll be fine.