The return of george

George showed up yesterday on time. I thought for sure he was a day early but looking at the calendar… nope, he’s totally on time.

I did pretty well this month, pain-wise, leading up to george.

I had a couple instances of minor uterine pain during the week of the 9th, but nothing like last month’s pre-george pain.
Then on Thursday, September 13th I started getting intermittent uterine pain. It started out light, then by the end of the day was moderate pinching pain. I made an appointment to see the local doctor, and told them I need to be seen every month for this. I told them I have a stage III disease and that my work is still trying to fire me for it. I have an appointment on the 18th.
The next day, Friday September 14th, provided more of the same – it started out light and by late afternoon was moderate.

I had become very depressed by Friday again – about this whole disease, about my social alcoholism, about why I continue to go back to that goddamned job every day. I’ve been looking for work but I’ve been too afraid to apply to jobs outside of the tech industry because I don’t know how to tailor my resume appropriately, despite having two really good resume books to work with for this.
There’s also very few jobs out there that I’d WANT to take at this stage in my life. Truth be told, I just don’t want to work anymore at all, and I don’t currently care what impact it has on me.

On Saturday, September 15, I awoke at 6am and I knew george was here. I went into the bathroom and turned on the light so I could see for myself, and sure enough, there he was. I put on a pad and went back to bed.
I got up around 10am and became worried that the pain would start ramping up. I ate a quick breakfast, finished the journal entry previous to this one (which took seven days to write because of lack of time), and headed out to the bank and two stores. I found the finishing touch for something I’ve been putting together for friends, came home, assembled it, and was all set to head back out to the postal/shipping stores when the pain really set in.

I thought it was just me sugar crashing at first. I’d eaten a protein bar while I was out at the stores. But then my legs got shakey. For me, when my legs get shakey during my period, it’s a sign that really bad george pain is on the way. And that was certainly true. Within an hour, I had very bad uterine pain – so bad that the first Tylenol3 didn’t cut it, and I had to take a second pill.
This of course ensured that I’d be down for the day, sleeping. I just had to accept that my present to my friends will be delayed yet another week. Good thing they aren’t expecting the present.

The pain refused to abate for most of the day yesterday. At one point, totally stoned, I got out my extra heating pad (my heating pads are washcloths sewn into rectangular bags which old a pound of rice, each), filled it with rice, sewed up the top, and put it in the microwave so I could have not one but TWO rice pads on me – one on my pelvis and one on my lower back. Then I went back to bed and finally the pain abated for awhile.

The pain started up again after dinner, though. Oh glorious dinner! My man brought me pad thai for dinner. How I love that man of mine! We watched MST3K while we ate, and then I cozied up next to him. I was still quite sleepy from the meds, because I’d taken an Ibuprofen 600 before dinner. However, the pain ramped up again after dinner so I took my third Tylenol3 for the day, and got back into bed.

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