SnotFest ’07 – Day 3

Spent all day yesterday sneezing and having intermittent faucet dripping nose action. Had some mild coughing fits but nothing too bad. The worst part was the foggy brain and being SO tired. And then the sinus headache started in around dinner time.

My man decided last night that since both of us are now sick, that he’d buy us dinner instead of having to make dinner. We got something quick and cheap and brought home Boston Market food. Of course, as I sat there chowing down, the food tasted a bit sweet to me. I said “great, I think there’s corn syrup in this”.
And I was right. I thought the corn syrup was in the creamed spinach but no, it was actually in the fecking squash casserole! And there’s wheat in the squash casserole, too! Not enough for me to get sick on it seems, but obviously I want to avoid it in the future.

Throughout the day and even after dinner, I found my stubborn streak and held onto it tightly, and got over a full day’s work done for my business. Even went out and bought printer paper, and though it’s a shade off, it still does the trick for printed reports. I’ll get OCD later and try again to match the colour from the site to printed paper.

Today I started off the day with a really bad nightmare, and it took me about an hour to settle down (I think chamomile tea and a nice email from my friend wanting to buy my product helped, too).

I’ve been VERY tired again today, and my eyes feel itchy and swollen, AND I’m still feeling like george is gonna be here any second, too. I wish he’d make up his fecking mind and be early already, instead of dragging on the pain for days before the Real Pain.

I keep trying to get work done, but I can’t focus for shit. And now the coughing has started again. GAH.

I hate today and it’s not even noon, yet.

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