Today the george pain was bad enough that I took a total of two Tylenol3’s throughout the day, and an ibuprofen600. That’s not as bad as it was last month when I had to be on T3 every 4 hours for a few days. Ugh. I realised just how much of that shit I took when I grabbed the bottle of pills today and wondered why so many were missing. No wonder my liver enzymes are high!

Today while working on my astrology site (got about five hours of work done today), I got thee worst migraine. I don’t normally get migraines, but honestly, I can’t remember getting one this bad before. I had to dim the monitor to the lowest setting, dim the overhead light, and set the background to all of my open windows from white to dark grey. I couldn’t listen to streaming audio anymore because the sound pierced my ears, even on low volume. Even the clicky of the keyboard made my eardrums feel like they might burst. Even drinking caffinated tea didn’t help the headache go away. I felt nauseated, too. I took frequent breaks and finally called it quits after 5 hours of work.

I laid down but my back hurt from the george pain. I put my rice heating pad over my forehead and eyes and that helped ease the headache pain. When I got up, my left eye was swollen and bloodshot!! I think all told, I took two naps and slept a total of two hours today. This of course means I’ll be up all night. It’s already after midnight. Then again, the george pain is returning…if I take a Tylenol3, I’ll hopefully be out again.

My friend came over on her birthday to deliver an alternative remedy called HeadOn. She’s adorably sweet. We often have pill exchange for our health issues, heh…
She took one look at my face and eye and told me that’s exactly what a migraine does to one who suffers frequently from them. Ugh, I truly sympathise with her, and with my old coworker who gets them so bad that he is left bedridden.

Anyway, I had my doubts this HeadOn thing would work, and I was right in a sense. The headache and eye pain never did go away, but the menthol in the HeadOn stick makes my forehead and temples feel tingly, almost numb, and cooled down instead of feverish. So all I gotta do is just get some peppermint tea on a washcloth to get the same effect next time. I won’t be using this HeadOn stuff again, now that I know one of the ingredients is a known carcinogen!!!!

My man gave me a massage tonight, which felt sooooo good. Too bad he can only massage me for up to ten minutes before calling it quits because his hands and arms hurt. Ah well. If only I could afford to go to my masseuse regularly.

Regarding my father, I didn’t hear from him all day after sending the email explaining our stance for a themed wedding. Last night I had nightmares all night. I’m just going to wait for him to call me or write back to me. Ball’s in his court.

The bleeding’s really ramping up again, so I’m gonna go.

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