Adventures in food allergies

To make my already sucktastic day worse, the meal I so looked forward to tonight ended up causing me much discomfort after I had consumed it.

The meal was Cup ‘o Pizza, based upon the meal by the same name featured in the comedy The Jerk. It’s awesome! For those of us who love love love pizza but can’t have it because of gluten intolerance, this is The Way!

Or so I thought.

Within an hour of eating, my chest and stomach felt like it was expanding so rapidly that I might explode. The internal gas was too slow to come out. It gurgled and raged inside of me, and at times I didn’t know if I’d burst, throw up, or just die on the spot. Laying on my left side only made it worse, when the left side (the side of your body the stomach leans towards) is supposed to be *good* for digestion.

And then the explosive diarrhea.

I emerged from the bathroom and demanded to know what my man had put into the pizza ingredients, because we’d just tried this out for the first time a week ago and I was fine afterwards.

He said he’d added nothing. And then I flashed back to a recent excursion to the grocery, whereby I was pissed off to find that Polish sausage contained yeasts and/or corn syrup. WTF.
So with that flashback in mind, I thought, “Oh no, the pepperoni.”

I shuffled to the fridge, found the pepperoni, and read the ingredients.

IT HAS STARTER CULTURE IN IT, which is a yeast.

THAT’S why my stomach and GI tract have been expanding and grumbling and freaking out.

The reason why my body freaked this time and not last is because my man added double the amount of pepperoni we did last time.

Niiiiice. And I never knew this about sausages before. In fact, I can’t find anything on the web that says sausages and pepperonis are made or have to be made with yeasts. And we got the pre-sliced pepperoni at Trader Joe’s, which I mistakenly assumed would mean the meat would be I dunno… better quality. So of course, I didn’t check the label.


So now I’ve learned yet another lesson.

Want Cup ‘o Pizza? See the local butcher first, ask about how the pepperoni is made, and take it from there. Omit permanently if necessary from recipe.


One Response to “Adventures in food allergies”

  1. Heather

    I’m sorry that you got sick!

    Pepperoni, salami and the like are all made using fermentation with yeast. :(