george did go away after two days

It’s true. I only had a two-day period.

I got my period late last Wednesday (11pm), and only spotting. I then had one day of heavy bleeding and major cramping (Thursday). I then had another day of moderate to major cramping but the bleeding wasn’t as heavy – it was more moderate (Friday). And then, nothing after that – it was gone.

My new GYN called me yesterday to apologise for not getting the new prescription out to me in time for this period, and was shocked when I told her I was a week late and then only bled for two days. She asked if I was pregnant. I told her that when I was a week late, I took a home pregnancy test, and it turned up negative. The next day, I started bleeding.

This didn’t assuage her concern, though. She still thinks I could be pregnant. This in turn has led me to start panicking again. So I told my fiance and now he’s panicked. I am going to pick up another home pregnancy test tonight. Ugh.

Why is it that I, the one who doesn’t want to have children, am fertile as the spring soil despite having Stage III Endometriosis, when so many other women out there, even with Stage I or II Endometriosis, are having major fertility issues? Why me? I don’t want children. They do. This is so not fair to either side.

Despite the fear and frustration, I’m feeling very good – my energy is back. I have no pain.

2:27pm Edit: Well, pee test #2 has turned up negative for sperm infection. I can has relaxed mind now plz?

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