george gone?

The pain and bleeding went away overnight. I took a nice hot shower this morning and afterwards, the bleeding returned, but only mildly so. The cramps wanted to come back but were also mild. I popped an Ibuprofen600 immediately.

For the rest of today, no cramps, no bleeding. I have had intermittent moderate low back pain, and moderate fatigue for much of the day, however.

So far this cycle, I got my period late on Wednesday (11pm), and only spotting. I then had one day of heavy bleeding and major cramping (Thursday). I then had another day of moderate to major cramping but the bleeding wasn’t as heavy – it was more moderate (Friday). And then, nothing today.

A two-day period? No, I can’t believe that one. I think tomorrow will be what my fiance likes to call the “last gasp” before the period is over for another month. My period is fond of doing this – going away for up to a full day, then returning for full on murder for a day, and then going away for another month.

I took advantage of the break in my period and spent the afternoon out of the house with my man. We looked at two potential wedding venues and a potential rehearsal dinner venue. We also went back to a jewelry store we’d liked a couple weeks ago – I think this is the place we’re gonna get our rings! :D

We capped off the evening by firing the rehearsal dinner venue (Olive Garden is not gluten-free friendly enough for me) and instead we went across the street to another restaurant, called Market Broiler. Now that restaurant is on our list of potential rehearsal dinner spots. ;)

We shall see what tomorrow brings for me, or if I’m free for another month.

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