George. Is Here.

Just thought I’d also post this separately. George showed up sometime around 11pm tonight (Tuesday night).

That bastard is A FULL WEEK LATE.

…I just calculated the months out to the wedding. At this rate he’ll arrive a week before the wedding instead of two weeks beforehand, and he’ll vacate within three days of the wedding.

I can NOT afford for my period to be late anymore between now and October or else the wedding is ruined because I’ll be bedridden or else I’ll be a repeat of Samantha’s sister in Sixteen Candles.


I’m so pissed I could scream and cry. My period is like a bullying brother who never stops making your life hell for his pure enjoyment. Just when you think you’ve gotten past him, BAM he sneaks up and whitewashes your face in the snow.

I hate you, george.

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