In search of pain medication

Both of the GYNs called me back today to discuss my options.

My body can’t handle opiates – it either causes abject depression, sets off my TMJ (from the car accident, which I normally have under control), causes palpitations or mild hallucinations, or all of the above. I’ve tried Darvon and Vicodin and Codeine Sulfate and Oxycodone. They all hate me.

My body can’t handle acetaminophen because it’s damaged my liver and I’m not supposed to have that stuff anymore until my next blood test in April.

NSAIDs are not enough to stop the pain.

Celebrex didn’t work for me.

Muscle relaxers don’t work for me and cause me to gain weight along with causing depression.

The GYN who did my surgery said I could try Norco, but that has acetaminophen in it, too. She said I could try Celebrex but that didn’t work. So she’s not hearing my needs. She hasn’t for awhile – that’s why I went and found a new GYN.

The new GYN offered a suggestion – a mild opiate, only 1mg Vicodin and no acetaminophen. I already forgot the name of it. Problem is, she can’t call it in to the pharmacy because it’s a controlled substance. And my man couldn’t get out of work in time to get to the GYN office to pick up the prescription. It’s not all bad though. I’ll have it before my next period and give that a try.

I’m just so tired of fighting. This cycle can be over now, plz.

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