The forgetting returns

I’ve been doing very well at remembering stuff lately, but in the last few days, I’ve gotten into a perpetual state of anxiety because george is late, and so I started forgetting stuff again.

So, this is good news in a way! Most people, when under stress, will forget stuff.

I am blaming all the flax oil I’ve been adding to my diet for the memory improvement, as that seems to be one of the big raves about the flax oil when I read reviews.

Whatever the cause, it’s very apparent that I can remember a lot more stuff than my man these days, and I’ve come to realise that sadly, since he had so hard a go with severe obstructive sleep apnea, his memory is badly shot as well.
I’ve been pushing the flax oil on him but he’s not submitted to it, yet.

Yesterday I forgot I owed money on a book I had to re-order for my man, and nearly walked out of the bookstore with it once it was handed to me. I was quite apologetic.

On Sunday I forgot that I had an appointment to meet with a trainer at a local gym, and called to apologise and reschedule.

This morning I forgot that just last night I told my friend I’d check in with her this morning about hanging out. I called as she was on her way to work – we’ll hook up sometime this week.

I’ve also been a space case today in general, and still very tired. I panicked further when george still wasn’t here this morning, and took a pregnancy test. It came back negative. Can george just please arrive already and get it over with??!? He’s FIVE days late!!!
I’m tired of the fatigue and the mild to moderate cramping. I’m tired of the constant lower back pain. I’m tired of the shoulders and neck wanting to go out because my lower back is seizing up in preparation for george. I’m tired of premedicating. I’m tired of the PMS overtalkative me. I’m tired of all the chocolate binging because my forehead is now breaking out. I’m tired of feeling like something is WRONG because george isn’t here on time.

And I really need a nap, but I really need to get work done. I had coffee and it only made me super awake for about an hour. Now I’m ready to crash again. Do I take more caffeine? Or just take a friggin nap? Will I be able to sleep with all this anxiety?

Can someone please just send me some chill pills?


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