George is here, vitamins are working.

So george arrived today. That makes him “on time” for the new cycle he’s created as of last month.

This is good, as long as he doesn’t change cycle again before October. Right now I have a two week clearance around the wedding date. Note to body: KEEP IT THAT WAY.

But what pisses me off is that the past month has felt like one long breath-holding session for me.

I just didn’t trust the home pregnancy tests, and I was feeling low level nausea, and I had swollen, painful breasts and legs.

Then, last week, I got all the symptoms of my period without the period. So I spent the past week feeling like I was on my period, only with no blood. Last time that happened, uh, I was pregnant.

But then today george actually arrived.

Commence the *sigh* “Oh thank gods” / “GODDAMMIT” routine.

Yay for no sprog, boo for the massive wave of pain that’s coming.

Regarding the vitamins, I’ve been including one calcium/magnesium vitamin once nightly before bed along with the vitamin C, and during the day, I’m remembering to take a B-50 vitamin with either MSM or Glucosamine. I still need to take those two several times a day, but, y’know, baby steps.

The problem with my breasts being so painful has cleared up with the last two days’ worth of Vitamin B-6 being added back into my diet AND cutting out caffeine.
The other B-6 deficiency that waned is the swollen legs. Yay! I checked my medicine cabinet and I have a new, unopened bottle of vitamin B-100 waiting for me once I finish off the rest of the B-50 vitamins, too.

I may have been mean to myself by neglecting myself with vitamin deficiency, but at the same time I was good to myself at some point because I’d bought a new bottle of B’s so I wouldn’t be without coverage when the other bottle ran out. Now I’m back on track. I’ll be a good girl.

The pain from the Endo hasn’t been bad today, but then, the bleeding hasn’t really ramped up yet, either. I’m on Ibuprofen600 right now.

That’s about all I got.

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