More on the withdrawls

I called the pharmacy last night and they were of NO help whatsoever. They accused me of overreacting, saying one can’t have withdrawl symptoms after only 3 days on a drug. Screw them, they don’t know me or my body or my history with medications. So I called the on-call nurse at my GYN office. She was much more understanding and took me at face value, and gave some advice, and also said yes, I should go to ER if the symptoms worsen.

So I decided I’d try eating something and if the cramping returned enough to really hurt a lot, or if the diarrhea returned, I’d go to ER to get blood workup.

I had two gluten free waffles with real maple syrup and gluten free butter, and chocolate almond milk to drink. After eating, I had rumbly stomach, and the nausea continued, and I had a few minor cramps, but nothing major and no diarrhea. So I just decided to go to bed and sleep it off. I figured I’d endured the worst of it.

Woke up this morning and my right upper arm is still a bit twitchy, but I was hungry and able to eat without any problems.

But overall, this blows. I don’t know what other medications are left for me at this point. I’m still waiting for my masseuse to get me a Qigong practitioner.

Oh, and george returned again this morning. I have to leave for a job interview in 45 minutes so I’m holding my breath so to speak, hoping the pain doesn’t return as well.

The job interview is for another daycare agency. My horoscope says to expect financial or job news today, or a bill of some sort to come due. So I’m also eagerly awaiting any news from the labor board.

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