Workout, Day 5

I’ve been posting the workout summaries in my LiveJournal to get immediate feedback from friends, but I’ll start posting summaries here, too.


elliptical – 10 minutes

situps on a situp contraption – hah, only 5 of them before my neck protested BADLY.

recumbent bike – 7 minutes

arm rowing thingy – 10 minutes

“gazelle” type elliptical – 3-4 minutes.

I wanted to try out the “gazelle” type elliptical cuz it looked different from the other elliptical. It has less of a pedaling or climbing motion and more of a cross-country skiing motion to it, which strangely hurt my knees even more. Here’s a picture of it. I found and wore my knee braces today, and it helped IMMENSELY on the elliptical.

My sides are sore from today’s workout – I felt it during the arm rowing thingy, which is supposed to help build up the torso, anyway.

A friend was telling me about dead lifts as a way to strengthen the neck and back, since I have so much trouble with those areas ever since the car accident. So today I went to talk to a trainer dude about how to properly do dead lifts, and the guy was SLEEPING at his desk. I made him get up and work for his money and show me what to do. I’ll be practicing that stuff at home instead of at the gym for awhile since the trainers there appear to be useless and normally non-existent. I’ve seen so many people jarring their bodies on equipment, and nobody there to stop them or properly guide them.

Tomorrow = swimming! It will be the second time I’ve used the pool there. I can’t even do arm-over-arm strokes, because it hurts my neck and shoulders too much. So upon advice from a friend, I’ll be using the swimming board.

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