Accidental food experiment

Now I wonder if yesterday’s ragey moment was not due to PMS, but instead due to autoimmune (allergic) reaction.

Every month when I PMS, I get food cravings. Some foods are on my “WILL KILL YOU” list, but I violate that rule once a month for some foods. One of those is “Natural” Cheetos.

Every month, I feel a little queasy whenever I imbibe on the Cheetos. But I looooooove them. I waaaaaaaaaant them. I must has them!

Well, in the midst of working at my biz, and the PMS food cravings, and in full on denial, I didn’t take time to notice the effect that the Cheetos are having on me.

Well, since last night’s episode, I’ve been re-reading all the labels of the food I have in the house before consuming it. So it was with Cheetos today. It doesn’t have MSG like regular Cheetos does, but it does have lactic acid. So that’s three things in one day that I consumed yesterday that has lactic acid: the Cheetos, the deli ham, and the alfredo sauce.

The Cheetos also have something called Torula Yeast.


My body gives a GI reaction with yeast.

I started noming on the Cheetos and played around on the Internet.


Within 20 minutes, I had to go to the bathroom – I had immediacy. I had urge. NOW.
Full GI reaction, complete with flushed face and nausea during excretion.


Why didn’t I notice this before?

Oh yeah. Denial for my precious Cheetos.


Since I’ve been snacking on Cheetos for the past week, it’s highly likely that this is what’s contributed to my forehead and temples breaking out in zits, to my thumb breaking out so bad that it’s bleeding, and to my irritable near-explody episode yesterday.
As I type, my face is now itchy and my thumb is itching again, too.

And I’m feeling irritable again. I can feel raginess welling up.

Ride it out, …ride it out…. lesson finally learned… it’s okay… we move on…

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