Cramps have started

Yesterday after Qigong class, I felt some minor cramping. George is due on Saturday, so this is no surprise. The cramps faded by the time I went to bed, BUT I had moderate low back pain – enough that I needed a heating pad when I went to bed. The low back pain is also part of george’s routine as my body goes into protective mode and tries to curl all my muscles downward around my uterus, thereby horking my entire back.

Today after my workout, the cramps returned and are still with me now. They’re slightly stronger than yesterday. Just enough to be annoying. The pain is not muscle strain – it’s way inside – uterine/deep vaginal cramping. The kind that says george is near.

Right now I do not have the lower back pain like I did yesterday.

Just wanted to note that for my own record, so to speak.

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