Food reaction

Last night I had a reaction to food again.

We had made “cup ‘o pizza” again, but this time we used alfredo sauce instead of red spaghetti sauce, and we added shrimp.

Soon after eating, I had diarrhea and felt itchy, especially on my scalp. And my left thumb broke out. I only had one GI episode, but overnight, the thumb worsened. Now it’s so scaley that it’s splitting – the skin is breaking open and bleeding. This is dermatitis – it is a common reaction when there’s a food or chemical allergen present. I normally break out on my left thumb, my right pinky, my scalp, and high up on my facial cheeks – I get perfect round scaley red patches on each cheek if there’s enough of the allergen present in my system.
Right now, I’m just having thumb and scalp issues. The scalp just gets itchy, thank gods. I couldn’t deal with flakey cracking open scalp. Ugh.

When this all started happening last night, I researched the ingredients in the alfredo sauce I’d purchased. I found that it has modified corn starch, lactic acid, and xanthan gum. The pre-packaged deli ham we bought also has lactic acid in it. I’ve never had a reaction to the alfredo sauce before… unless the ingredients have changed.

I researched all those ingredients, and the only one that I consider a suspect at this time is the xanthan gum. However, I’m going to have to do another experiment with all three ingredients – seek them out in food labels and buy them on purpose and consume them one at a time to see if there’s a reaction.

January 6, 2008 Edit: I still haven’t run this experiment, yet.

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