Friday workout

Today was swim day!

I nearly didn’t get to the gym today, though. I woke up feeling crappy, like george would be here any second. I kept checking myself, and at the last minute said screw it and went to the gym. I’m glad I did.

Today I:

– Did slow stretches in the water; holding onto the side of the pool with feet planted on wall of pool and slowly extend my legs and butt out – stretches the calves nicely.

– Did slow side stretches using swim board to balance one hand while holding onto the side of the pool with opposite hand. Slowly moved hand on swim board backwards, behind me, to stretch torso and shoulders.
3 times each side.

– Treaded water, doing butterflys and scissor kicks (this makes up most of my swim time so I can strengthen my shoulders, arms, pecs, chest area).

– Marched and jogged in the water.

– Held arms up on side of pool with my back to the wall of the pool, and did slow leg presses in the water. This is difficult! My legs just want to keep floating up! Difficult to force them back downwards! But this is great for the upper legs and for the abs.

– Did one lap with swim board in front of me (this always hurts my neck but is great for stretching the abs. I try to take it very slow and only do half to one lap before the neck complains).

– Did 1 lap of backstroke, 3 times throughout the session but not IN succession (this is MUCH easier on my neck because my head is not arching back as with breast stroke, it’s straighter).

Swimming always exhausts me more than working out on equipment. But it’s a relaxed happy exhaustion, not a FEEL THE BURN exhaustion.

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