george report

George arrived one day early, on Friday. I had almost skipped out of going to the gym, because I felt so crappy in the morning, like george would be here any second. But I went to the gym, and had a good workout in the pool.

Later that afternoon is when george arrived. I had very little pain that day, despite onset of bleeding, and marveled happily at the lack of pain.

On Saturday (yesterday), I was still feeling ok (only minor pain), so we drove to Soquel (near Santa Cruz) to shop for rings (I still don’t have mine, yet). I popped an Ibuprofen 600 to ensure the mild pain wouldn’t worsen. We ran into a big traffic jam on the way there, and nearly turned back but then it cleared after half an hour, so we pressed on.

It was in the 80’s yesterday, and we hated having to get out of the car and walk around in the heat.
We had no luck in finding my ring. In fact, the very place we went down there for didn’t have any rings at all – a miscommunication that my man received from a dealer at the antique fair we attended last Sunday. Grrrrr.
So we just went to several antique stores in the area and perused rings. I had no luck finding one that really spoke to me. And then after the third or fourth store, I started to feel REALLY tired, and then the pain and bleeding ramped up.

I did my breathing exercises, and that helped. But it was just so uncomfortably hot. I wanted to go home. I braved it through a couple more stores, and was told to try another antique dealer in town. We got there and the store was closed that day. On a Saturday!!! WTF!

Frustrated, I declared myself DONE with the day.

So we started back home, and before long got stuck in another traffic jam. This one was THEE MOTHER of traffic jams yesterday, because someone DIED and they shut the freeway down. We were at complete stop or rolling 5MPH for nearly two hours, inching towards the scene of the accident. They opened the road but only enough to squeak by on the shoulder, and we got to see the tarp covering the body still in the road. Talk about sobering experience.

The news story on that accident is here, with some of the story as to what happened to cause the accident here.

When we got home, I made myself some dinner and took another Ibuprofen 600. I could have taken an Ibuprofen before we got home, but I was being stubborn, because we had no food with us, and I hate taking the Ibu on a less-than-full stomach. We hadn’t anticipated being stuck in traffic, and I hadn’t realised I’d forgotten to pack a protein bar. I’d been really good at having a protein bar on me at all times, and was confused as to why one wasn’t in my bag. Bleh. As dinner was cooking, I did some Qigong and continued the breathing exercises.

Anyway, after dinner I popped the Ibu and went to bed before 11pm if I recall correctly. I was just wiped out from enduring moderate pain and bleeding for most of teh afternoon into the evening. I didn’t do any Qigong, yoga or accupressure exercises before bed.

Heavy bleeding and pain woke me up at 7:30am this morning. I ate some cereal and spent an hour doing Qigong, yoga and accupressure while waiting for the Ibuprofen to kick in. I then went back to bed around 8:30am and didn’t get up til about 11am.

The pain returned again, with bleeding and pain both entering SEVERE mode, by 1:30pm. I went through the routine again; Qigong, yoga and accupressure while waiting for the Ibuprofen to kick in. This time, no dice. After an hour, I gave up, conceded defeat, and took my first Dilaudid pill since george began two days ago.

I only took 1mg, and that staved off the pain for a few hours. I’ve now spent the past hour repeating the process again… Qigong, yoga and accupressure… and always with the breathing… to no avail. I’m going to take another Dilaudid pill as soon as I finish this diary entry.

I am proud that I avoided taking the Dilaudid for as long as possible. I am going to get better at these exercises and the pain will be staved off even longer, and eventually suppressed altogether. I can do this.

My 2nd round of bloodwork for the liver enzymes is on Wednesday. I am hoping that my liver enzymes are back to normal. It will be one less thing to worry about.

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