Elliptical – 20 mins on level 2 incline, level 1 resistance at cardio pace (178 calories burned)

Arm rowing/torso – 5 mins on medium resistance (32 calories burned)

Situps – I did 50 today! Very slowly.

Arm rowing/torso – again cuz some guy was camping on the butterfly resistance machine. grrrrr. I did 2.5 mins on medium-high resistance and 2.5 mins on medium resistance (~30 calories burned)

Lateral pulldowns – ~2 mins at 35# weight (surprisingly enough!) – I did 40!
This was on a machine that looks kinda like this.

Leg press – 40 presses at 95#

I have NO idea what’s up with me today, but I am RAR high energy need to GO! RAAARRRR!

Hopefully I didn’t overdo it, but damn, it felt GOOD.

My workout music consists mainly of Industrial and Electronica.

Hm. I seem to have gobbled up my fruity breakfast, and I’m still hungry. Off to toast a gluten free waffle and lay on the almond butter.

First Qigong appointment

I’ve gone to my first Qigong session today – it’s free and open to the public every week, by a woman I met in the business of metaphysics class I attend each month. This is the second Qigong practitioner I’ve met – the first one never called me back.
This woman also does the Chi Nei Tsang – she’s the person I saw last Thursday.

Qigong is hard work!

I had lots of trouble with my lower back (it’s gone into protective mode because George is due this Saturday), my knees (they’re congenitally misaligned so they hurt when I bend the knees for too long during exercise, shoulda wore my braces today), and my shoulders and neck during today’s session. I’ve learned that I have VERY WEAK upper body/arm/shoulder strength – I cannot even hold my own arms out at shoulder height for longer than 30 seconds because it hurts my shoulders and neck too much.

I need to work on that.

My practitioner gave me a sheet of exercise poses to get comfy with. I can’t wait to try it out! But today, I’ve exerted my body enough. I don’t want to overdo it.

Tomorrow morning I go back to the gym routine with my friend, and tomorrow evening, I’ll do the Qigong.


Last night, I practiced what I could remember from the Chi Nei Tsang appointment, and today it paid off – I had to ‘go’ first thing in the morning, and my stool was loosey goosey just like when my practitioner did the Chi Nei Tsang on me. Yay! I moved stuff!

I’ve also been listening to Progressive Relaxation tapes that my friend gave me. The person on the tapes is David Wise, Ph.D., author of “Progressive Relaxation: The Practice of Conscious Effortlessness”. The tapes have been very helpful for me. I find that I’m feeling more relaxed and remembering to breathe, and my neck and shoulders aren’t in as much pain as they usually are at night or in the morning upon waking.

I’m really hoping all this pays off even a little bit in time for george’s arrival this weekend. And I really hope that over the short term, say over the next six months, I really start to feel relief from the pain.


On Friday I swam for about 35 minutes, in which I used the swim board, did underwater marching, treaded water/did scissor kicks and butterflys, did the backstroke for two laps (backstroke is easier on my neck injury than doing swim board or breast stroke), and I also held myself up on the side of the pool and did 10 leg lifts in the water.

On Sunday I went to the Antique Fair on the navy base in Alameda, and walked around with friends for about five hours. I was a bad monkey and let my face get sunburned. :(

On Monday, I helped a friend move boxes and a beeg glass table to the new place his household is movin to! *Flex*


Elliptical – I did 20 mins on level 2 incline.

Butterflys – Two and a half sets – I did 26 total at 20# weight.

Arm rowing/torso machine – 5 minutes on moderate resistance (a couple notches higher than I usually do).

Came home and had my usual fruit bowl breakfast dealie.

Current treatment plan for pain management

My new GYN called yesterday to see if I’d called my insurance company about getting authorisation for the Tens Unit she wants to prescribe me for the pain, because I have had such bad luck with non-Tylenol-based opiates to manage the pain.

I told her that unfortunately, she would need to prove that Tens Units can be an effective way to treat the pain of Endometriosis. She said, “Oh, a study…” and told me that likely such a study does not exist, but that she’d search it out on my behalf.

Last Thursday, I met a Qigong practitioner at the business class I try to attend each month. We exchanged info, and I went to her as a patient yesterday afternoon. She did some energy work on me and mooshed my stomach around quite a lot. She told me that I have intestinal blockages, and that breathing with her as she slowly manipulated my stomach and abdomen would free the blockages. She told me I’d become quite regular afterwards, and that with the freeing up of the toxins, I may have an emotional reaction, or even become angry in the next couple of days. She told me this is normal, because the blockages are being freed up. She marvelled at how in tune with my body I am, and at one point when I felt pain, she told me to breathe into it and find out where the connective tissue (fascia) led with regards to my pain. I thought and breathed and felt inward, and then told her that the connective tissue near my belly button on the right side had a direct line down to the current pain in my uterus/bladder/rectum. She paused and looked at me and smiled, and told me I’d just advanced light years, and that many of her clients never get this far, and here I am blowing it away on the first meeting!

I wasn’t all that surprised, but it still felt good to be recognised. :)
I’ve had to be in tune with my body out of necessity, because the doctors have been so consistent in their failure to help me over the years.

I had to end the session a bit early cuz I had to pee so bad. When I got home, I had to pee badly again, and … other stuff.


I swear, I shit five times yesterday. Loose every time. Normally, I shit once every 1-2 days, and I’m always, always constipated.
So she wasn’t kiddin about freeing stuff up! Lordy!!!


This morning, the emotional blah began. I was on my way to pick up my friend for the gym, and I heard news stories about the life and death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
I got all teary-eyed, and remembered when, as a young teen, I used to listen to his wife Coretta Scott King on the radio. I swear, I wanted to just bawl my eyes out that he’s gone, and that the race riots had to happen, and that race is still a huge issue today.

After I got home from the gym, the labor board called, and as a result of that, I did cry. And then after that, I went to calm down by reading my friends’ diaries on LiveJournal, and was shocked to find that two of my friends were robbed at gunpoint last night. Cue up tears again. UGH.

*big sigh*

I’m going to lay down and try to breathe until my friend calls. We have to go to Berkeley today so I can distribute business cards.

Protected: Unexpected meltdown

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Today’s workout

Elliptical – 20 mins on resistance set to #2 and incline set to #1

Arm rowing/torso machine – 7 mins on medium resistance

Situps – Took it very slow because of my neck/shoulders. Did 25.

Butterflys – Took it very slow. Did two sets of 10, using 20# weight

Leg Press – Did 40 slow reps using 95# weight.

Treadmill – 10 minutes, alternating between slow walk, brisk walk. Ran for one minute but my knees were already done from all the above work today, so I didn’t want to hurt myself.

Post-workout breakfast:

2 Tbsp flaxseed meal
1 Tbsp honey
2-3 Tbsp vanilla almond milk
Mix thoroughly.

3 Tbsp flax OIL
1/2 cup plain full fat (leaded) yogurt
1 Tbsp cinnamon
1 Tsp vanilla extract
1 fuji or granny smith apple, chopped
3 strawberries, chopped
1 kiwi fruit, peeled and sliced
1 handful walnut pieces
1 handful almond slices
5 – 6 grapes, assorted
Mix thoroughly.

Variations on the above:
Substitute 1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free “granola” for one or more fruit
Substitute dried cranberries for one or more fruit
Add 1 Tbsp orange, grape or cherry juice to add more sweetness, if desired.

For me, it’s also best to have some sort of bread with this meal, so I don’t sugar crash or get light-headed. I usually also have one gluten-free waffle with gluten-free, non-hydrogenated “Earth Balance” buttery spread, and some almond butter or organic peanut butter on top if desired. That gives me the protein I need so I don’t crash.

Catching up on workout stuffs

Ooops, I forgot to update you on my workouts since March 11th!

I didn’t work out again until March 25th, because I had such severe Endometriosis pain, which left me bedridden for days. And then I spent three days having withdrawals from the Dilaudid I took for the pain. I’m NEVER taking that shit again.

I’ve lined up a Qigong practitioner, and I’ve got blood tests scheduled this month to re-examine my liver enzymes (was told to do so in 3 months). Perhaps I can go back to taking the Tylenol 3 for pain if my liver enzymes have lowered enough. I’ve been sober for 69 days, and I’ve been taking Milk Thistle for the liver. And I’ve abstained as much as I possibly could from any Tylenol (that’s why I’ve been put on codeine sulfate and then hydromorphone to manage the pain).

Hopefully all of this has allowed my liver to overcome some of the damage I’ve done to it with Tylenol-based pain meds and social drinking since I was a teenager…

What would rule is if Qigong and energy work alone can help with the pain. No pain meds have ever helped without detrimental side effects or damage to other parts of my body. Chiropractic was ludicrous to suggest, but I tried it anyway, and it didn’t help (but it’s great for my neck/back issue!). Acupressure and acupuncture only helps in the short term, and the effects wear off the same day.

So next cycle is April 12 – we’ll see what I can do for the pain at that time.

SO, The Workout:

March 25: elliptical for 20 mins, arm rowing for 5 mins, butterfly for 5 mins, treadmill for 10 mins.

March 26: elliptical for 20 mins, arm rowing for 5 mins, butterfly for 5 mins, shoulders for 5 mins.

March 27: swimming for 35 mins – use of swim board and water stretches, water marching, treading, butterflys.

March 28: swimming for 35 mins – use of swim board and water stretches, water marching, treading, butterflys.

April 1: elliptical for 15 mins, arm rowing for 10 mins, butterflys for 5 mins.