Other things that are going on

I’ve not had time to write everything that’s going on with me. There’s so much, and so little time to chronicle because of wedding planning. I swear, I don’t know how working people plan weddings. This is taking up all of the unemployment time I have right now.

So, what else is going on with me is that on Friday I took public transit from start to finish on my own for what is probably the second time ever – I took a bus, then took a train, then joined up with my friend in the city and walked all around and took busses so we could eat and shop and just hang out. It’s been a long time since I saw my friend.

I took the train back to the bus station and the bus back home again, where I met up with my man, and we went to the movies. We saw Iron Man (really awesome btw). At the end as the credits were rolling, I laughed at one point with my man and suddenly felt a SNAP in my left shoulder/neck area.

Before the smile could even leave my face, my shoulder went out. I felt the muscle puffing up and the pain seeping in. I tried to push my shoulders down but the left one kept wanting to rise up with the muscle. I could feel the pain slide down my left arm to my elbow, and my elbow kept feeling like I’d hit the funny bone because of the nerve damage radiating down. I had to remember to breathe and keep my shoulders as relaxed as I could til we got back home, where I could pop a Tylenol 3 and put a heating pad on my shoulder (heating pad works for the pinched nerve – that’s what this is. Icing it makes it all VERY BAD for me).

We had to get up early on Saturday and run all over the damned place for wedding-related stuff. I took Ibuprofen 600 and went into trance-like states several times to try to get control over my body to relax the shoulder and neck. I don’t think I left the house on Sunday – I nursed my shoulder, and yet stressed myself all to hell over wedding planning.

My neck is still out so to speak. But it’s better than it was. There’ll be no weight lifting tomorrow.

Oh and as I type, I’m getting minor uterine cramps. T-minus just under 36 hours til george arrives.

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