George almost gone

I went to work yesterday and just took it easy. The parents I’m working with are so easygoing, it’s a quite a blessing compared to how I was treated on other jobs. We just stayed in the house all day (usually I take the infant for 1-2 stroller rides a day). Instead, the child got belly time on the playmat, got playtime in her new exersaucer, sit up time on the couch, floor and bed (with close supervision and lots of pillows handy to break any sudden falls), back-to-side-to-stomach assistance, tours around the house naming everything, and 60 children’s songs sung over and over and over again.

So, basically, a typical day, sans the stroller rides, and I napped when she napped because I was still so worn out from being bedridden from Monday evening through Wednesday.

The pain and bleeding set in again by 4pm, and to my dismay, I had forgotten to bring my pill splitter. I didn’t want to take a whole Tylenol 3 – this would make me obviously stoned and I didn’t want to be that way when the parents returned from work. I was already on Ibuprofen 600 and didn’t want to take another one of those because they tend to make my stomach hurt. So I toughed it out. I laid on the floor and stretched my back slowly while the child played on the floor next to me – it all worked out. I took half a Tylenol 3 when I got home, as opposed to a full one, because I had an interview with another family! They came to my house an hour after I got home from my other job. The interview was for occasional babysitting. I seem to have hit it off well with them and their son, who is an adorable two-year-old. I was told by a friend that he’s a handful, but he didn’t seem any different than most of the other two year olds I’ve dealt with in my time. Then again, I’m the teacher, whereas the person who told me the kid is a handful 1) has never had a child, 2) doesn’t want kids, and 3) has never spent any major amount of time around children. ;)

Today I am feeling better but I am cautious. Usually I have 2-3 days bedridden with the Endometriosis, and then I have up to a day’s break from bleeding and/or cramps, and then I get one last push – one last day of hell. My man calls it the ‘last gasp’ before the illness recedes back into its cave of do0m for another 26 days.

I’m always torn when this day comes every month. Part of me wants to take it easy and not chance anything, and most of me wants to get back into my regular routine and just BRING THE NOISE to get the damned bullshit overwith already. That’s likely what I’ll do again today. I’ll go around cleaning house and perhaps even go for a walk and just BRING IT. And then lay around moaning for a few hours in extreme pain, drugged to the gills, and then …. it’ll all be over.

The clock resets for 26 days.

Happiness would be that this month, the ‘last gasp’ part is forgone altogether. It’s happened before. It’s very rare with me, but it happens.

Edit: Happiness was granted. :)

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