George was a day early this month

George is here as of yesterday, one day early. I started to have pain yesterday but it wasn’t until today that the pain was so bad that I had to take Tylenol 3.

Coupled with being very sore and tired from walking 6 miles (10km) yesterday for the annual SF AIDS Walk, I ended up sleeping a lot today.

So far, the bleeding is light, compared to my usual periods. I know that I won’t be able to go in to work tomorrow, so I’ll be calling the child’s family tonight to let them know. They told me last Thursday that the husband was okayed to work from home this week should I not be able to come in.

Because george is a day or three early here and there, I’m now exactly a week away from disaster in October, should george decide to be that early due to stress just before the wedding. This of course has me mildly panicked, which doesn’t help the situation.

Last Wednesday or Thursday, I had started a post about some research I’ve been doing on Endometriosis. I need to finish that post soon, and share it on my ‘living with endometriosis’ pages, and also share it on the endometriosis forum I’m on.

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