Back at work

Here’s hoping that’s the last of it for the next 26 days. I’m back at work today and taking it easy because I still have lower back pain. Thankfully I only missed one day of work this month. Missed two last month from the pain. In this case what helped is the fact that I only work Tuesdays – Thursdays. Otherwise I’d have missed three days last month and two days this month.

Taking it easy on this job means not carrying the five-month-old around so much if I can avoid it. We usually go through the house naming objects twice a day but we can resume that tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll be able to take her for a stroller ride but if worst comes to worst, it’ll just be around the block and then I can set up her exersaucer in the backyard.

The baby is down for nap at the moment. I may nap as well.

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