Glad I took today off

This morning around 6:30am the lower back pain returned and was moderate enough that I called in sick on a hunch that the pain would worsen. Well, I had very little pain and bleeding all day.

Until around 3:45pm. Right after I finished lunch. I had jaw dropping, gaping mouth, eyes wide, no utterance, no breath … sudden onset of severe pain and gushing blood.

I took two Tylenol 3 and knew that I must wait as many as 30 minutes for it to kick in.

I knew that nothing could be done until that time except to start the relaxation breathing. Went and laid down on the bedroom floor. Did the ‘turtle’ pose. Then laid on my back and breathed. And breathed. And focused. And tried hard to relax from the head down.

4:21pm – the drugs just kicked in to make me high but hadn’t gotten rid of the pain, yet. Though the pain was less sharp than it originally was, it had radiated down to my knees (this is common).
I suspect eating carb-o-rific lunch without protein is the culprit. I had gluten-free macaroni and cheese, with some white grape juice to drink. My blood sugar likely became unstable, creating a hormonal reaction within the pancreas, which set off the cramping because the uterus is hormone-rich and is susceptible to reactions from unstable blood sugar.

It helps if I have something to suspect. If it’s just pain out of nowhere, it’s too depressing for me and lends to me feeling like a terminal patient.

4:21pm – beginnings of clot coming out. Now I know why the pain was so severe.

4:30pm – passed clot. Still heavy bleeding. Still in a lot of pain. Wondering if there’ll be more.

4:38pm – remembered to apply heating pad to coax the rest of the gunk out, and laid down in bed.

Edits begin:
‘Passed out’ from the medication when I laid down.

5:30pm – woke up, another clot had passed. Fell back to sleep.

7:54pm – woke up again. Everything finally tapered off. But now it’s two hours before bed and I’ve had this three and a half hour ‘nap’. Good times.

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