How yesterday went

I spent all day yesterday in bed, and all evening on the couch. I actually lost track of how much Tylenol 3 I was ingesting. Whoops. So today I start off with Ibuprofen 600 when the pain ramps back up again.

Right now the pain is manageable, but I’m a stuck pig. My eyes have that opiate hangover feel to them. I want a shower but would be in danger of falling. Right before the pain comes back, the symptom is usually weak, shakey legs. I’ve fallen in the shower before. Getting one of them shower chairs wouldn’t help – it’s the stepping into or out of the tub that’s the danger. I’d need a walk-in shower or one of those posh walk-in tubs to feel safe when I’m ill. But for now, warshing up old style will suffice. ;)

In the comfort realm, my cats have been very kind to me as usual, sitting on my lap purring, or laying squished right up against me. At one point I was bookended by my kittehs.

Ok, pain ramping up. Need to eat something, take the Ibu and get the heating pad.

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