The Downtime, it begins

This is how it starts off – where previously I could do a three mile walk at a medium pace no problem, for the past two days I’m suddenly so tired I want to cry, and my walking pace has sunk to nearly a shuffle. My body is preparing for what I call Downtime. My limbs are super heavy. I get out of breath just getting up off the couch. Is it the water retention?

I’m severely distracted. I look at my chores list and have to read it five times to comprehend anything. Same thing with grocery lists.

Oh, and I’m cold. All this week I’ve been alternating between freezing cold and overheating. It could be 80°F outside and I’ll be shivering and asking for a sweatshirt and slippers. Earlier this week, it took three blankets and a heating pad to warm me up when I went to bed – and I didn’t get warm enough until all this had been applied to me for over an hour.

That’s of course when I’m not having a hot flash. YES I do get a mild case of what menopausal women do. This has been happening since I was a teenager. My hormones are whacked during girl do0m and so I’ll go from freezing to boiling and back again. Doesn’t make for a pleasant mood, let me tell you.

Yesterday I didn’t want to accomplish any of the chores I’d set for myself because as I said, I was so tired I wanted to cry. I’ve had enough sleep. My body is just demanding more sleep at this time.
Thankfully?!? I got some of my energy back after a call from my father’s wife (‘Ol Johnny Rotten sez Anger Is An Energy ya know), and so B and I went grocery shopping.

The grocery shopping is because it is imperative that I get easy-to-make foods for Downtime. When I’m in Downtime, I’m bedridden, I’m listless, I’m an emotional wreck, and I’ve no way to think about what meals I’m going to be consuming that day. It has to be such that I open the refrigerator, I see readily-prepared foods, and I grab something, shuffle to the microwave, and press the button. I cannot function further than that during Downtime, whether I’m drugged or not.

One time, I tried to make tea in the teapot.

I remember the smoke alarm going off – all the water had boiled out of the pot – did I even hear the whistle or was the heat not turned up high enough? – and the bottom of the pot had begun to disintegrate, releasing smoke.

So uh.. it’s just me and the nuker. It’s safer that way. No cooking on the stove or using the oven when in Downtime. Even the toaster oven is highly dangerous for me.

Now, regarding pain and medication…

For the past three days, I’ve been premedicating with Ibuprofen 600 (Motrin). On and off I have had low dull uterine pain, and when I came in to work yesterday, I wondered if I’d make it through the day without the pain and bleeding arriving. I made it through but when I got home, my legs were swollen. It’s that damned water retention around this time of the month. So I elevated my legs after a shower. Then as I said my father’s wife ruined my evening (my eyes still hurt). Because of that bitch, I needed 1.5mg Lorazepam to calm the hell down to be able to sleep last night.

This morning, I have slightly less fatigue (but still exhaustion overall), and now the uterine pain is back. I keep checking again to see if girl do0m has arrived. Once the do0m does arrive, I’ll be eating 1-2 Tylenol 3 pills every 3-4 hours, PLUS a Motrin every 8 hours. I will be using my rice bag heating pads.

Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow is the actual due date for the do0m. I will be missing out on a fun Tiki weekend, complete with zombies. Firstly cuz we can’t afford it and secondly because of the girl do0m. I’ll be down for the count from Friday to Tuesday at the latest.

After next Tuesday, I’m golden again and will be wanting to go to Gaslight Emporium on the 23rd and possibly the 24th, and to the Scottish Highland Games on the 30th. There may be some Death Guilding in there somewhere, too.

I WILL have my life back. But right now I am Persephone and I need to make a trip to the underworld. I’m down there nearly a quarter of the year all told.

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