I don’t feel well.

My man has been home sick since Monday from whatever it is that’s going around – another friend also had it, dunno if she’s still sick. I myself have been fighting off this beast since about last Thursday but I fear that as my immune system continues to weaken as it does every month on account of the Endometriosis, I will succumb to the cold/sinus hell that’s going around.

Add to that the fact that I’ve been presenting symptoms of the Endometriosis for a full week and a half, when in past months since surgery, I’d only presented a few days beforehand. So my energy has been low, I’ve had uterine and ovarian pain on and off, sometimes suddenly so sharp that I gasp, and I’ve had PMS cravings pretty badly.

Add to that the fact that when I got out of my car at work today, my lower right back “went” and now it’s giving me sharp pains which radiate towards my pelvis. I didn’t take the baby for her stroller ride up hill both ways this morning, and she was kind enough to go right to sleep in the stroller that I dragged into the house. I hope the rest of the day is mellow.

It is common for my back to go out or for me to get whatever bug is going around right at the time of menses, because the cylons jam my immune system my immune system becomes weak, allowing for infiltration.

And now, my morbid coping humour:
All these years, I gave my illness a personality and a name, and a gender. He looks just like Vyvyan from The Young Ones, and always liked kicking me in the stomach, the little bastard.

But now…now that I know as of this year that telomeres are abnormally long in women with endometriosis and don’t shed like they’re supposed to – they just keep growing and become rogue cells growing outside of the uterus – well that sounds more like a cylon analogy to me than some mean punk kicking me in the stomach for the hell of it. But continuing with the theme, I’d say that since there are many copies of cylons, that the ones inside of me all look like Vyvyan. :p

I started premedicating yesterday with the Motrin (Ibuprofen 600mg) but today feels like a Tylenol 3 day and it’s not even 10am yet.

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