George strikes back

Well at least I got a lot accomplished today before the next attack.
I made it about eight or nine hours pain free.

This morning I got up at 9am, my friend took me to the Oakland Flower Mart so I could get some curly willow branches for a project, then my man’s friend came in on the train for the weekend, and joined us on another errand we had to run.
We stopped off at Julie’s Tea for some refreshment and then picked up my car, which has been in the shop since Thursday (old age issues).

While on my way walking to drop off my new sunglasses for repair (the coating is coming off already, WTF), I stopped to text my replacement hairdresser (Emmie) about getting my dye job fixed today.

No sooner than I sent the message, I felt a *trickle*.

I turned my ass right around and headed for home, because I knew the pain would be next. Within a few minutes I was staggering through the front door.


Now I wait for drugs to kick in and Emmie to arrive.

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