Amy Galbraith, 28, must now wait at least six months for her surgery to be finished, delaying her plans to start a family.

Galbraith was scheduled for surgery to remove a cyst from her fallopian tubes at Christchurch Women’s Hospital on September 18.

Before her surgery she said she was told that if she also had endometriosis it would be removed at the same time.

After waking from the general anaesthetic, Galbraith said she learnt that only the cyst had been removed.

She was the last patient on the day’s list, she was told, and a staff member had to leave by 5.30pm, so the endometriosis removal was deferred.

After waiting a year for her first operation, she is back on the waiting list and faces another delay of at least six months.

Galbraith, who started a new job yesterday, said it was frustrating to require another week off work in future and to have to delay plans to start a family.

She is also coping with lower abdominal pain and painful menstruation because of the endometriosis.


If you think this is an isolated case, you’re sadly mistaken. Go seek out any Endometriosis forum on the web and you’ll read many, many horror stories like this one. I’m so pissed off. Total flashback to April of this year when I went to E.R. in crying pain after DILAUDID (hello morphine derivative!) didn’t stop the pain, and they let me sit there for over an hour, and then as the pain wound down, they subjected me to a pelvic exam against my protest, which brought the pain all over again.


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