Herbal dextox program

Yesterday I went to see my Qigong practitioner, who is also a certified Chi Nei Tsang practitioner. I met her last year through local Business of Metaphysics classes I was attending each month when I was trying to get my astrology business going.

Since I am long fed up with the medical establishment pushing hormonal and opioid drugs on me to treat the Endometriosis, I listened intently to what this woman had to say when she introduced herself to the class, and afterwards, I sought her out and exchanged contact info.

Over the past year, I’ve attended a few public Qigong sessions, and a couple private Chi Nei Tsang treatments with this practitioner. I feel comfortable around her.

I will also be checking out homeopathy for the first time this week – my GYN gave me the number of her homeopathy person on Friday. My Qigong practitioner is excited for me that I’m pursuing this in addition to her work.

And in addition to that, I continue to listen to the paradoxical relaxation tapes my friend loaned me. Even though it’s geared towards men with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, I find that the tapes have helped me a lot.

And in addition to that, I continue to read and re-read and study the techniques in the Tibetan Relaxation book I bought earlier this year. You probably didn’t know this about me but since about 1994 or 1995, I’ve taken quite a liking to Tibetan Buddhism. During college, I was studying world religions with the willful desire to replace the fundamentalist Christian teachings I was raised with, and I became enamoured with Tibetan Buddhism (as well as Wicca, but that interest only lasted for four years).



Getting to the point sometimes takes me awhile. ;)

Starting today and lasting for one week, I have the following routine:

Before bed, prepare Kidney tea, which consists of:
1 part Hydrangea roots
1 part Gravel roots (Queen of the meadow)
1 part Marshmallow roots
as prepared bulk by my Qigong practitioner. Use only 1 tbsp of this mixture in a cup of cold water, placed in a glass or ceramic pot. Bring to the boiling point and then simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and leave the mixture overnight.

Upon waking (or really any time during the day), heat, do not boil, 1 cup of the Kidney Tea and drink it (I find that during initial heating, 1/2 cup water is evaporated, so I just add back a 1/2 cup water at time of straining and reheating).

BEFORE BREAKFAST: take 2 Clove supplement capsules
DURING BREAKFAST: take 1 Ginger capsule and 1 Uva Ursi capsule.

BEFORE LUNCH: take 2 Clove capsules
DURING LUNCH: take 1 Ginger capsule

BEFORE DINNER: take 2 Clove capsules and 7 wormwood capsules, and drink 1 cup of parsley tea, which consists of:
1 cup water with enough fresh parsley to saturate water (about 1/4 bunch). The water should just cover the parsley. Bring just to boiling point, then simmer covered for 3 minutes. Strain the water and discard the parsley. Drink the tea.
DURING DINNER: take 1 Ginger capsule and 2 Uva Ursi capsules.

BEFORE BED: take 3 tsp Black Walnut tincture in 1 cup of water.

After this week, I have a new routine to follow in the cleanse. I’ll post about that when the time comes. The cleanse lasts for four weeks, culminating in a traditional gall stone cleanse during the first weekend of December. Back in 1993, I was in the hospital for four days with pancreatitis. During that time, I also passed a gallstone. I had another gallstone flareup again in September, 2007 and did an emergency flush and was able to stave off a full blown attack. So since that time, I’ve been searching for a regular maintenance program and alternative health practitioners, and voila, here’s where we’re at today.

Some history for you on seeking practitioners – this Qigong practitioner is not the first one I saw and latched onto. There was another woman before this one whom I sought out, who was a Qigong practitioner that I met in these classes, but she was openly hostile towards anything I told her about the illness that I have. She kept correcting me whenever I said ‘my illness’, for example. She dismissed me right away and told me she could not help me because I refused to see that I had manifested the idea that I am sick (a.k.a. “Law of Attraction” cult), and she said that in reality I am not sick at all. I proceded to start calling this woman but she never called me back. I became really angry at this person and at any person who would tell me that even before I was born, when the genes were being passed to me via my mother, that I was somehow responsible for the Endometriosis that would rear its ugly head once I began to menstruate at the age of 14.
But I continued reading up on Qigong and really liked what it was about, so I became determined to find another practitioner, telling myself that the first woman I met was flawed. I’m glad I kept searching. I’m happy with the practitioner I see now.

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