No reprieve for November

The month of November for me so far, pain-wise:

As you can see, I’ve not had a break. I’ve missed nearly 4 days of work this month and have not been at top performance at all.

The pain worsened yesterday after having 2 days nearly pain free. I’d been taking it really easy at work and after work. The pain returned on Saturday after being intimate with my husband, and grew worse until I saw my Chi Nei Tsang practitioner at 4pm. She wasn’t able to rid the pain, but was able to transfer it from the front and side to the back, where the pain collected and felt like electric bolts of pain in the bottom of my spine, and then dispersed a little.

Let’s compare this month to previous months:

June: I missed 4 days of work from the pain. I was working through an agency at the time.
July: I missed 2 days of work from the pain. I was working for a private family 3 days a week, so missing 2 out of 3 was a big deal.
August: I missed 1 day of work from the pain.
September: I missed 2 days of work (my 2nd day working for a new private family and I fell ill, but I warned them ahead of time this would happen).
October: I missed 3 ½ days from the pain.
November: I missed nearly 4 days from the pain so far, and have been in near constant pain since my last period.

Because god hates me, I get my period twice this month. I’m due again the day after Thanksgiving. But george could arrive sooner and cause me to miss more work.

The family I work for has expressed frustration with having to miss so much work on account of me. This does not help my anxiety/PTSD issues, nor does it help with the pain. This also brings up again the thought of “wow, what if I’m just not employable at all anymore due to the endometriosis.”

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