Playing ball

Called the GYN again today. Left yet another message, this time demanding my radiology appointment be moved up from the 6 weeks she wanted to … ASAP. We’ll see how this goes and whether I have to find a new GYN yet again.

I lost count of how many GYNs I’ve been through for the Endometriosis since actively pursuing a diagnosis and treatment. Let’s think…

Dr. Sharon Knight at UCSF who suggested I only have Dysmenorrhea and refused to schedule a laparoscopy, but who gave me a cervical biopsy without any anasthesia and I had no one to take me home but myself.
Dr. Kent J. Farney in Alameda who suggested I have a STD rather than Endometriosis. I filed a formal complaint against him.
Dr. Marilyn Milkman at UCSF / Mt. Zion who performed my surgery but then dropped me cold once the hormonal therapy wasn’t working and I refused to try further hormonal treatments.
Dr. Lisa Bernard-Pearl at Sutter East Bay Medical who gave up on me after several iterations of different pain meds didn’t work out for me, and is now ignoring my pleas to have the radiology appointment sooner than 6 weeks for a 4cm ovarian cyst in the same ovary that was twisted behind my uterus at time of surgery. Let me state again that 4cm is the threshold for cancer concern.

And those are only the specialists. I shudder to think how many general practice doctors I have had over the years who I tried to get treatment for the Endometriosis from, who gave up on me before even referring me to a GYN specialist.

I have new health insurance through my husband, so now I get to review his health plan’s doctors and specialists. Good times.

I have a gut feeling I’ll get cancer in a predisposed area of my body courtesy the Endometriosis, and die of it before I ever get the help I need. My astrological natal chart strongly supports this gut feeling.

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