Week One Summary of Herbal dextox program

I lost 2lbs (about 1kg) this week and actually felt the loss, so that made me happy.

I’m getting used to the taste of the Black Walnut tincture, but I can’t stand the parsely tea. I should have done the 7 vegetable soup, instead. Probably this week if I remember…

I’ve become more regular on the detox program (I’m usually quite constipated because I don’t eat enough fruits and greens, and I’m always on painkillers).

By the end of the week, I’d adjusted to having to take 12 capsules of herbal supplements at dinnertime (doesn’t leave much room for actual food, hence the weight loss I’m sure).

I did miss a couple of doses throughout the week, but for the most part stuck to it pretty well. My practitioner told me not to fret over missing doses because everyone does it. ;)

I only did Chi Nei Tsang on myself twice this week. I’m supposed to do it twice per day. But I’m just busy or too full or in pain, or I outright forget. Must do better this week.

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