(wakes up, blinks, house is dark, it’s dark outside)


And there goes the day.

I reached for the laptop and found that my friend said the very same thing just minutes before I did.

kekeconradin 4:44 PM flaring stopped for now
kekeconradin 4:44 PM my day has been wasted
kekeconradin 4:44 PM you knwo that feeling
steph 5:11 PM i juxzgy woe
steph 5:11 PM just woke
steph 5:11 PM and felt the same – thehouse is dark
kekeconradin 5:12 PM yeah, its all dark now
steph 5:12 PM :(
kekeconradin 5:12 PM 12/1/08 almost all gone
kekeconradin 5:12 PM I was producitve for liek 2 hours, then thats it
kekeconradin 5:12 PM I’m tempted to pop another pill and just screw it, sleep until tomorrow
steph 5:12 PM yep same here
steph 5:13 PM same about the pill too
steph 5:13 PM it’s so depressing.
kekeconradin 5:13 PM why being awake and feel time wasted, body not coorpeating..when one can pop a pill into happy happyu dream land and wake up tomorrow?
steph 5:13 PM yup

My friend suffers from Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP). He’s the only male I know who I could say really understands the pain women with Endometriosis have.

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